Soulful Connections Photography | yoursession


I am a firm believer that having gorgeous heirloom portraits of you and your loved ones should NOT have to be a complicated process.  Therefore, a session fee is totally unnecessary.  Furthermore, I would not want you to feel rushed or frantic.  I prefer you to be relaxed and enjoy being photographed but 45 minutes to an hour is plenty of time to capture the essence of what makes you and your family so beautiful. 

Immediately following your session, we will set up a time to meet so you can view your portraits and make your selections of which image you would like to adorn your home.  Not only am I a big fan of simplicity, I also want to emphasize that Soulful Connections understands the importance of longevity when it comes to the preservation of your memories. Therefore, each portrait purchased is guaranteed to look sleek and feel elegant the moment it's held in your hand or hung on your wall for a profound, memorable presence in your home.